What is House ofArt?

1. HoA is a school of dance for anybody and everybody. We are dedicated to the fusion of many social partner dance styles/swing dances with an emphasis of feeling and expressing music by yourself AND with a partner. We want to create confident and fluent dancers that can transition between dances of similar tempos and "vibes"​. Students will become fluent in both lead and follow dance roles and enjoy many more types of music and dance opportunities. We have a holistic philosophy to teaching partner dance that focuses on the internalization of elements from the following dances: Blues, Argentine Tango, Salsa (On 1 and On 2), Bachata, Cha Cha, Rumba, Waltz, Foxtrot, Fusion Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Country Two Step and solo movement. 

2. Exercise in disguise! An important element of learning partner dancing will be solo movements and warm up freestyle routines. Students will get repetition and cardio while moving to music and learning how to be better leaders and followers through discovering the abilities of their own bodies. 

3. Learn a universal language and skill that keeps your brain and body active while listening to music you love. You don't even have to speak a common tongue to dance with someone! Students will learn styles of dancing that are danced enthusiastically all over the world to a wide variety of music.

4. A "companion" class. We love it when students tell us they are taking classes elsewhere. We encourage you to hear other voices as many teachers often specialize in one style of dance. That can be of enormous value to you and others as a student of partner dancing. If you are interested in taking a class for the first time with one dance as its focus, our fusion classes will prepare you to feel more confident and have loads more fun.

5. Music! Music! Music! We want you to move to music that, well... moves you! If you love many kinds of music like we do, you can enjoy learning how to dance to almost anything that strikes your fancy.  You will learn a bit of music theory from a dancer's perspective, how to dance better to live music and have opportunities for social dancing to an eclectic mixture of tunes. Dancing just isn't meaningful without the music!

6. Be a part of a movement towards a more unified dance community in Southern Oregon. We often hear social dancers refer to themselves as a "Tango dancer" or say "I only know how to dance West Coast Swing". While dances like those are some of our absolute favorites, we dream of a dance community being able to dance whatever the music inspires them to do with any partner. Let's expand together and learn a foundation that will allow you to speak many dance languages and only have to sit out a dance because you need a break.

Meet The Teaching Team

Tess Minnick

Headmaster and creator of HoA


Favorite dances: um...all of them?


Alter ego: Librasita


A.E. Catchphrase: There is no try. Only be. 


Special non dancing skills: Singing, playing bass, songwriting, digital art,  and Star Trek trivia.

Favorite foods: Indian, Thai, Cuban, Sushi and Mac & Cheese. (Not all together at once)


Favorite fascinations: Outer space, neuroscience, lost civilizations, nature docs, dinosaurs, comic books, hiking and meditation.

Bio and dance resume can be found at:


Wendy Tee

Assistant instructor 


Favorite dances: All those requiring feets and beats.


Alter ego: Elle.


A.E. Catchphrase: Knows everything and is chill about it.


Special non dancing skills: Video production/editing, writing, shape shifting and alien communication.


Favorite foods: Breakfast...any edible morsel and a latte.


Favorite fascinations: New experiences,